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US Uranium Output Totals 1,171,278 Pounds in Q3

Platts reported that according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), uranium production in the United States came to 1,171,278 pounds during the third quarter of 2013, an increase of almost 12 percent from the 1,048,018 pounds it put out in the year-ago quarter. It is also the highest Q3 total since 1999.

Uranium and the United States: Colin Healey

Canada has been a hot topic for uranium market players due to the high-grade discoveries in the Athabasca Basin. But the buzz around Canadian uranium deposits should not take precedence over the bigger picture price catalysts at play in the United States.

Bill Seeks to Hasten US Mining Review Process

The Canadian Press reported that on Wednesday, Republicans in the US House pushed through a bill aimed at speeding up the governmental review process for gold, silver, copper and uranium mining on federal land. If passed in the Senate, the bill will make it harder for opponents to legally oppose new ventures and will put in place "a 30-month timeline for environmental reviews."