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Australian University Discovers New Method for Extracting Uranium

Mining Weekly reported that new research done by the Murdoch University in Western Australia has discovered a new technique to extract uranium from brannerite, which may result in an additional 1,000 tonnes in annual uranium exports and bring in AU$108 million.

Final Line Drawn on US-Russia HEU Agreement

The World Nuclear News reported that upon the completion of the Megatons to Megawatts program between Russia and the US, President Barrack Obama announced the decision to terminate a state of national emergency.

EIA Releases 2014 Uranium Marketing Annual Report

The US Energy Information Administration just released its 2014 Uranium Marketing Annual Report, which showed that owners and operators of US civilian nuclear power reactors (COOs) purchased 53 million pounds of U3O8 in 2014, at an average of US$46.16, down 7 percent from a total of 57 million pounds on-year.